Download question

Q: Do I need administrator privileges to install the program for all users of one computer?

Yes, you need administrator privileges to install Image Converter Plus on your computer or any remote computer.

If you don't have such privileges, you won't be able to install the program correctly.

Templates FAQ

Q: When create album images not showed in Flash (like in TiltViewer skin).

A: It's because some free hosting not support cross domain rules, which mean you can load images from this hosting but can transform like 3D simulation in TiltViewer skin, please try different template.

Ordering FAQ

Q: Is it secure to order online?

A: Yes, it is 100% secure. I use a major credit card and order fulfillment center called Plimus. It handle over 50% of Internet software orders.

Q: I just purchased ImagePut. What next?

A: After your order details will be verified by Plimus you will receive email with activation key of ImagePut. If you don't know how to activate it - please visit this page

Q: What's the upgrade policy?

A: Any updates released within the same Major version is provided free of cost. If we'll add a drastic amount of features then we may up the version number and the cost of the upgrade will be nominal and will be determined at that time.

Q: Is tech support free?

A: Yes! It's 100% free.