Indirect control tile-twisting puzzled adventure ...with traps!

The goal of the game is to lead Molecats through the game levels, witch is divided into TILES. You can't control Molecats directly, but you can give them some simple commands via special Powers and, of course, you can manipulate with TILES themselves! Lead Molecats, collect mushrooms, discover secrets and find the exit!



Mars Commando

Old school defender,
Recruit team members, choose various unit addons,
build barricades and place mines to strategically deflect approaching waves of hostile alien population.

Play Mars Commando!


Koi Pond

Add hungry little Koi Fish to your Pond,
watch how they eagerly swim toward your mouse hoping that you'll
drop a few flakes of food for them.

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Siege Master

You are the brave mercenary hired to siege and take over this land.
Try to conquer this kingdom using medieval siege weapons.
Good Luck! Controls

Try to conquer this kingdom using 3 different types of medieval siege weapons and various ammo types.

Play Siege Master!