Vidroid Software is offering an outstanding affiliate program, with 20% commissions, with our partner Plimus.

Plimus, a leading vendor of software fulfillment, acts as an impartial third party to guarantee sales tracking and commission payment. Each visitor is tracked for a term of 6 months so you receive your earnings if he/she become a customer within this term. Plimus will send you a check every month for commission sales you receive. This allows you to sell ImagePut from your web site and be paid one of the highest commissions in the industry. You create your web site. You attract the visitors. You receive a fair commission for the work you do!

We do the delivery and customer support. You only have to worry about attracting visitors to your site!

Step by step instructions

  • Set up an affiliate account with Plimus. (It's Free!).
    Our Plimus contract ID: 2004946
  • Plimus will send you an email with instructions for activating your affiliate account. Once your account has been activated, Plimus will send you information on how to access your account and sell products.
  • When account is approved on Plimus, you can place the following text link on you site (replace XXXX with your Plimus affiliate username):

PAD file

PAD file for ImagePut product is located here: